PNODE=SNODE Processing

IBM® Connect:Direct® can initiate Processes where the local node is both the initiating and target node (PNODE and SNODE). You enable PNODE=SNODE processing by creating an adjacent node entry with the same node name as the local node entry in the network map.

If the PNODE=SNODE connection is SNA, SNA=YES is specified in the initialization parameters.

Observe the following rules when setting up the adjacent node:

  • Define an LU0 communications name for the PNODE=SNODE network map entry. Do not specify an LU6.2 logmode entry name for the common name of the adjacent node entry.
  • The communications name for the adjacent node must be different from the communications name of the local node. If the names are the same, PNODE=SNODE processing is disabled at initialization.
  • Code the PARSESS=(max, default) parameter in the network map adjacent node entry to govern the number of simultaneous PNODE=SNODE connections.