Message File Record Format

The following example shows the format of the message file record. Each record can be up to 4K bytes long. Optional parameters and values are in brackets.

message id [long.text detailed message explanation] [ issuing module name] short.text 
message summary

Following are the parameters for the message file record:

Parameter Description Values
long.text A string that explains the message in detail. A text string The name of the source module issuing the message ID. Source module name
short.text A summary of the message. This field is required. Summary message, up to 72 characters

The following example illustrates a sample message record for XCPS008I:

:short.text=File is not VB datatype.:\
:long.text=File is not variable block. Change sysopts datatype to\
either binary or text to transfer this file.\
\nSYSTEM ACTION-> the copy step failed and CD processing\
continued with the next process step.\
\nRESPONSE-> change the sysopts datatype to either\
binary or text.:\