Configuring Logs

Depending on your logging requirements you can configure detailed logs supported by IBM Connect:Direct Web Services using the common log properties file, log4j2.yaml.

The log4j2.yaml file can be found in, $CDWS_INSTALLATION_DIR$/mftws/BOOT-INF/classes/.

Example log4j2.yaml files

      # Common log properties to change as per user requirements
      # Log level settings control the quantity of messages sent to product trace logs
      # Web Services supports the following log levels: ERROR, INFO, DEBUG, ALL, and OFF
      - name: RestLogLevel
        value: "INFO"    
      - name: RestLogFilePath
        value: "../RestLogs"
      - name: RestLogPattern
        value: "%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} %-5p - %m%n"

Log level settings are controlled by RestLogLevel property. Possible values are ERROR, INFO, DEBUG, ALL, and OFF.

Note: RestLogLevel property must be set to ‘DEBUG’ to start recording logs.

After completing configuring the logs restart the Connect:Direct Web Services for changes to come into effect.