Known Limitations

The following features cannot be used with FASP and Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows:

  • Firewall navigation source ports should not be used with FASP
  • Fasp bandwidth and policy negotiated values can be found in the 'aspera-stream-transfer.log' file. Submit a process and let the session complete. In the aspera-stream-transfer.log file located in the <d_dir>\Server folder, search for 'LOG FASP Session Parms':
    2016-07-01 07:46:44 [2470-00001a70] LOG LOG FASP Session Params
    uuid=1ea5dc66-4cca-4b3c-bf27-cd82eba733a3 userid=0 user="-"
    targetrate=1000000000 minrate=0 rate_policy=fair
    cipher=none resume=0 create=0 ovr=0 times=0 precalc=no mf=0 mf_path=-  mf_suffix=-
    partial_file_suffix= files_encrypt=no files_decrypt=no  file_csum=none dgram_sz=0 prepostcmd=-
    tcp_mode=no rtt_auto=yes  cookie="-" vl_proto_ver=1  peer_vl_proto_ver=1 vl_local=0
    vlink_remote=0  vl_sess_id=3924 srcbase=- rd_sz=0 wr_sz=0 cluster_num_nodes=1  cluster_node_id=0
    cluster_multi_session_threshold=-1 range=0-0  keepalive=no test_login=no proxy_ip=-
    net_rc_alg=alg_queue  exclude_older/newer_than=0/0