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Record Group classes allow you to view information about processes, statistics, messages, and users.

Use the following classes to obtain information:

Class Description

Contains all of the Process criteria information returned from a SUBMIT or SELECT PROCESS command after a Process is submitted. You can submit a Process for execution using one of the following methods:

Create a CDSubmitCmd object and initialize the parameters. Next, call the CDSubmitCmd::Execute() method and specify the CDNode object to run on. Call the CDNode::Submit() method and specify the text of the Process. This method internally creates the CDSubmitCmd object and calls the Execute() method.


Provides two methods for holding statistics information.

GetAuditField() Method—Because audit data is optional, and different records have different KQV keys, use a single method to access the data. To retrieve a value, call GetAuditField(), passing the KQV key for the desired field.

The GetAuditMap() function retrieves all audit fields defined in the current record. An MFC CMapStringToString object maps from KQV keywords to the corresponding values. This method enables you to view each association in the map to determine what audit fields are available and to ask the map for the value of the given field.

CDMessage Holds information about a specific message that is retrieved from the Connect:Direct® node.
CDUser Holds the user functional authority information to add, delete, and update functional authority information on the Connect:Direct node.