Submit Process

The Connect:Direct® CDSubmit control is a command line control that submits Processes to the server. Because submitting a Process can be a lengthy procedure, the Execute command returns immediately. When a Process is submitted and the server responds, or a time-out occurs, the client is notified through the SubmitStatus event. Additionally, the client can request notification when the Process has completed on the server. Properties for the CDSubmit control follow:

Property Description
Node=nodename The name of the node that you want to connect to. The node name must be valid in the Microsoft Windows system Registry.
User=userid The user ID used to log on to the Connect:Direct node.
Password=password The password used by the user ID to log on to the node.
Text=text The text of the Process.


Use the following methods to submit a process:

Method Description
Execute(BOOL bWait) Submits the Process to the server. An event is fired when the server responds to notify the client of the status of the submit. If bWait is TRUE, another event is fired when the Process completes on the server.
SetSymbolic(symbolic, value) Sets the symbolic value for symbolic. Call for each symbolic in the Process.
ClearSymbolics Clears all symbolics. Call before submitting a Process to clear the previous values.


The following events are activated by the CDSubmit control:

Events Description
Submitted Describes whether the Process is accepted by the server.
Completed The ProcessComplete event is sent when the Process is no longer in the server's queue. Because more resources are required to wait on a Process, this event is only fired if requested in the call to Execute.

The standard error event. Possible codes are:

CTL_E_PERMISSIONDENIED—cannot log onto the node.

CTL_E_DEVICEUNAVAILABLE—cannot connect to the node.

CTL_E_OUTOFMEMORY—out of memory.

CTL_E_ILLEGALFUNCTIONCALL—an unknown error. The error message describes the error.