Invoke the CLI

To run the command line client:
  1. From a command prompt, navigate to the Common Utilities directory where the CLI is installed or define the CLI location in the user's path.
  2. To start the CLI, type the following command, including any of the parameters you wish to specify:
    direct -nNodeName -uUserId -pPassword -mScrollLineCount -l -x -fLogonFile-zfilename
    Below is an explanation of the parameters:
    Parameters Description
    -fLogonFile LCU file to use to automatically connect to a Connect:Direct® server.
    -nNodeName Node name or IP address.
    -uUserId User ID to use to connect to the node.
    -pPassword Password to use connect to the Connect:Direct node.
    -l By default, the CLI limits output to 128 characters per line. Include this switch to display longer lines, such as file names or sysopts strings.

    The number of lines to display before pausing the statistics and Process output. Value is calculated automatically if parameter is not defined.

    Do not use this option if the output is piped to a file because it will be paused with no evidence on the screen.

    -x Echoes the command input on the display. Writes the command immediately before the output.
    -zfilename Copies command output to the specified file as well as displaying the output.
    -? Provides help for the command line interface.