DGADBATC return codes with DGADCHLA

DGADBATC communicates with the IBM® Connect:Direct® API through a high-level application interface program, DGADCHLA. The DGADCHLA program detects error situations while processing commands for DGADBATC, and issues special return codes based on these situations.

The return code from DGADBATC reflects the highest return code of all commands processed.

If you receive a return code of 4 or 8, check the DMPRINT DD output for the exact error that is encountered during command processing to DGADBATC.

A return code of 8 normally indicates an invalid parameter or keyword. A return code of 4 indicates that DGADCHLA found nothing for the command. For example, you could receive a return code of 4 if you issued a SELECT STATISTICS command for a Process with no statistics.

If you receive a DGADBATC return code greater than 8, check return codes for error information.

Return Code – Hexadecimal Return Code – Decimal Description
0000000C 12 A session is lost in a multiple session environment.
00000010 16 The master session is lost.
00000014 20 The master session is signed off successfully.
0000001C 28 A non-master signon failed.



High-level interface program, DGADCHLA, received an invalid number of

input parameters.

00000024 36 The output specification included an invalid parameter.
00000028 40 Invalid pointer to the UICB is passed to DGADCHLA.
00000034 46

MAXDELAY=0 Process never executed and was removed from the Process