Delete Process Command

Use the delete process command to remove a Process from the TCQ.

You can select the Processes to delete by Process name, Process number, SNODE name, submitter, or a combination of these. The format for the delete process command follows:

Command Parameters
delete process /* Search Criteria */
[pname=Process name | generic | (list)]
[pnumber=Process number | (list)]
[snode=snode name | generic | (list)]
[submitter=(node name, userid) | generic | (list)]
/* Processing Parameters */
[force=yes | no]
[hold=yes | no]

Search Parameters

Use the parameters to identify the Processes you want to delete. You can delete Processes by name, number, node, or a combination of the criteria.

Parameter Description
pname=Process name | generic | (list) The name of the Processes, from 1–8 alphanumeric characters, to delete.
pnumber=Process number | (list) The number of the Process to delete. The Process number is assigned when the Process is submitted.
snode=snode name | generic | (list) The SNODE name of the Processes to delete. The SNODE name can be 1 to 16 alphanumeric characters long.
submitter=(node name, userid) | generic | (list) The submitter node name and user ID of the Processes to delete. The maximum combined length, including the node name and user ID, is 66 characters.

Processing Parameters

Define one or more of the following parameters to identify how the deleted Processes are managed:

Parameter Description

force=yes | no

Forcibly terminate an executing Process. Use this parameter if a Process is in the executing state and is waiting for unavailable resources.

yes—Forcibly and immediately terminates the Process or Processes.

no—Notifies the partner node of the intent to terminate and terminates the Processes. This is the default.

hold=yes | no

Specifies whether the terminated Process is placed in the Hold queue.

yes—Places the Process in the Hold queue in HS (Held Due to Execution Suspension) status after termination.

no—Deletes the Process from the TCQ after termination. This is the default.


The following command deletes all Processes submitted by userid cduser on node dallas. If the Processes are executing, it stops and removes them from the TCQ.
delete process submitter=(dallas, cduser);
The following command deletes all Processes named rome from the TCQ. If the Processes are executing, the command forcibly terminates them.
delete process pname=rome force=yes;