Customize Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows Configuration Information

After you install Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows on a master node, you can customize configuration information for distribution within your enterprise by using Connect:Direct Requester to configure the network map, user authorizations, and initialization parameters on the master node. You can then extract those files using the Configuration Utility. For more information about using the Configuration Utility, refer to "Defining and Managing the Connect:Direct Network" in Help or in the IBM Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows System Guide.

To apply the customized configuration files during a silent installation, set parameter values in the CD_SRVR.INI file as follows:

  • To apply a customized network map file, set CD_NETMAP_FILE to the fully qualified path to a customized network map configuration file.
  • To apply a customized user authorization file, set CD_USERAUTH_FILE to the fully qualified path to a customized User Authorization configuration file.
  • To apply customized initialization parameters, set CD_INITPARMS_FILE to the fully qualified path to a customized initialization parameters file.