Planning the Network Map

The network map identifies the local IBM® Connect:Direct® node and the nodes where it can communicate. It consists of a local node entry and one or more adjacent node entries.

Each entry identifies the communications name and protocol associated with a IBM Connect:Direct node. A sample network map source can be found in member DGAXNTMP in the $CD.SDGACNTL library. This member should be tailored for and used as input to the network map load utility, DGADNTLD. This utility creates the VSAM form of the network map. It is invoked by the job DGAJLOAD in the $CD.SDGAJCL library.

New Installations

  1. Gather the information you will need to create your local and adjacent node entries.
  2. To build a minimal netmap file with a local node and an initialization parameters file which uses all the default settings, follow the instructions in Building a Test IBM Connect:Direct Configuration (optional).
  3. After completing the configuration process, update the network map to include other adjacent nodes in the network.

Existing Installations

To upgrade to a later version while retaining an existing netmap and Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parameters and Access files, see the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Release Notes.