Updating Network Node Records

To access the Connect:Direct® ADMINISTRATION NETWORK NODE RECORDS screen, select option C from the PRIMARY MENU, select option N from the CONFIGURATION screen, and press Enter. The screen fields are scrollable, and allow you to view the contents of the network node records. Following is an example of the screen.

                          CONNECT:DIRECT ADMINISTRATION                   16:02:23
                              NETWORK NODE RECORDS

 NETWORK NODE NAME         ________________

 NETWORK NODE DESCRIPTION  ______________________________

 NODE TYPE              __   1=OS/390   2=VM       3=VSE       4=VMS
                             5=TANDEM   6=WIN95    7=OS/2      8=OS/400
                             9=UNIX    10=NETWARE 11=WINDOWS  12=MSP

 PF keys:  3 Exit   5 Add   6 Delete   7 Prev   8 Next   9 Update
           Enter Read/Edit   Clear Reset

Because you can type the node name and environment on the COPY FILE BETWEEN NODES screen, it is not required that you define every node participating in a COPYFILE on the NETWORK NODE RECORDS screen.

Note: Changes made to the Network Node Record parameters are immediately reflected in the active system.

The following table describes the entry fields.

Field Description
NETWORK NODE NAME (16-character field) contains the name of the node.
NETWORK NODE DESCRIPTION (30-character field) contains a description of the node.
NODE TYPE (1-character field) contains the environment number. Valid environment numbers are as follows:
1 for OS/390®
2 for VM
3 for VSE
4 for VMS
5 for TANDEM
6 for WIN95
7 for OS/2
8 for OS/400®
9 for UNIX
10 for NETWARE
11 for WINDOWS
13 for MVS™