Updating the Network Map while IBM Connect:Direct is Running

You can update the network map without deleting and redefining it. In addition, you can update the network map source without stopping IBM® Connect:Direct®, by using the UPDATE NETMAP command.

After updating the network map with UPDATE NETMAP, you can refresh the network map for any Processes in the Wait queue with the Change Process command. See the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® User Guide for a description of the Change Process command.

Note: Any changes to the CTCA definition do not take effect until IBM Connect:Direct is reinitialized.

As with most commands, you can execute the command through a batch job or through the IUI. Both methods use $$ACTION verbs as part of the network map source.

Note: This method of updating the network map is only available for adjacent nodes.

The format of the UPDATE NETMAP command follows.

Label Command Parameters
    NETINput= filename(member name)
    NETLOG =[ddname | NONE]
    DIS | PRT
Note: Reinitialize IBM Connect:Direct before CTCA definition changes or additions are effective.

Required Parameter

WHERE is the only required parameter for the UPDATE NETMAP command.

Parameter Description

(NETINput = filename (member name)

NETLOG = [ddname | NONE] )

Network map source file and where the update activity is reported.

NETINput = filename (member name) specifies the name of the network map source file. This file can be sequential or a PDS member. The network map source can contain multiple basic action verbs, multiple special purpose action verbs, or a combination of both. The source that updates the network map can be the entire network map source or a subset of it.

NETLOG = [ddname | NONE] specifies where the update activity is reported.

ddname specifies the data definition name allocated to the IBM Connect:Direct DTF where the update activity is reported. The first two characters of the ddname must be CD.

NONE specifies that no update activity is reported.

If the parameter is left blank the update activity is reported to the CDLOG data set. Regardless of which option is selected the activity is recorded in the Statistics file as WTO records.

Optional Parameter

Parameter Description
DIS | PRT Use the DIS or the PRT optional parameter to specify the output destination.

DIS indicates that the activity is reported in display format, either to the screen for IUI requests or to the DDNAME for batch requests.

PRT indicates that the output is routed to SYSOUT for batch requests and to the print destination specified by the PRINT FILE DESTINATION parameter in the signon defaults.