Submit a Process from a Connect:Direct for HP NonStop Node that Copies a File from z/OS to HP NonStop

This Process, submitted from Connect:Direct® for HP NonStop, copies (pulls) a file from Connect:Direct for z/OS® to the HP NonStop node. The TO file specification contains a "SET TYPE E" parameter in SYSOPTS, in case the file is not present and must be created. The FROM file normally needs no file attributes (DCB or SYSOPTS). The XLATE option is used to specify translation. This must always be specified in the SYSOPTS clause associated with the HP NonStop dataset. A checkpoint interval of 10 MB is specified.

EPROC  PROCESS     SNODE=CD.OS390                  -
PULL   COPY  TO   (PNODE DISP=RPL                  -
                   DSN=$WORK.DATA.EFILE            -
                   SYSOPTS="SET TYPE E XLATE ON")  -
             FROM (SNODE DISP=SHR                  -
                   DSN=OFILES.ACH.D120897)         -