Copy a File from an HP NonStop Spooler to a z/OS Node

In this multi-step Process, STEP1 will execute a RUN TASK to invoke DMRTDYN at the SNODE to delete DATA1.SEQ.EXTOS390F. STEP2 will copy a file from the HP NonStop spooler to DATA1.SEQ.EXTOS390F at the SNODE. Because a spooler job number was not specified, the most recent job in the spooler for the job owner will be copied. A record format of FBA is used to maintain ANSI control characters.

EXTOS390  PROCESS    PNODE=CD.HPNONSTOP                      -
STEP1     RUN TASK  (PGM=DMRTDYN,                            -
                     PARM=(C’ALLOC DSN=DATA1.SEQ.EXTOS390F,  -
                     DISP=(OLD,DELETE)’                      -
                     F’-1’                                   -
                     C"UNALLOC DSN=DATA1.SEQ.EXTOS390F"))    -
STEP2     COPY FROM (DSN=\TANEXT.$S.#EXTTANF                 -
                     PNODE                                   -
                     DISP=SHR)                               -
               TO   (DSN=DATA1.SEQ.EXTOS390F                 -
                     SNODE                                   -
                     DISP=(NEW,CATLG)                        -
                     DCB=(DSORG=PS,RECFM=FBA,LRECL=132,      -
                     BLKSIZE=13200)                          -
                     SPACE=(13200,(10,2))                    -