Using PDSE Version 2 with IBM Connect:Direct

v6.1 includes support to directly control creation of a PDSE Version 2 (PDSE V2) with a user specified maximum number of generations. This is implemented via the new DSNTYPE parameter syntax DSNTYPE=(LIBRARY,2) along with the new parameter MAXGENS=n, in the COPY statement. Both specifications are the same as allowed by z/OS JCL.

CD COPY DSNTYPE propagation has also been enhanced to include propagating the DSNTYPE Version and MAXGENS when the propagated DSNTYPE is LIBRARY and the TO side INITPARMs specify DSNTYPE=YES. For more details on propagating PDSE V2 attributes, see Propagation. Also see DSNTYPE = YES | NO. New support for specifying DSNTYPE=(LIBRARY,2) and MAXGENS=n in the COPY TO SYSOPTS is also added, thereby allowing earlier releases of Connect:Direct for z/OS as well as other Connect:Direct products running on other platforms such as Unix and Windows to control creation of a PDSE V2 dataset on a IBM® Connect:Direct® v6.1 TO SNODE.

In addition to the COPY statement, IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS v6.1 Run Task program DGADTDYN (DMRTDYN) supports creating a PDSE V2 using the same syntax as the COPY statement and z/OS JCL.

IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS v6.1 PDSE V2 support also includes new fields for the DSNTYPE Version and MAXGENS in the TYPE record and the IUI CF RECEIVING FILE panel.