Using the Administration System

The Administration System helps you configure and control the interface. Tasks you perform while using this system include:

  • Configuring Connect:Direct® for z/OS® to provide functionality to users while maintaining optimum performance
  • Defining IBM® Connect:Direct DTFs to which Connect:Direct for z/OS submits requests
  • Activating and deactivating the IBM Connect:Direct interface
  • Activating and deactivating the interface with specific IBM Connect:Direct DTFs
  • Adding, modifying, and deleting default user signon characteristics
  • Monitoring user activity and intervening if those activities compromise IBM Connect:Direct or the CICS® environment

The system guides you through a series of menus, prompts you for input, and performs the requested function. If errors occur during the processing of your request, the system informs you of the cause of the error and, in some cases, suggests remedial action.

Structure of the Administration System

The menu structure of the Administration System follows.

By typing the correct data in the Administration menus and screens, perform the following tasks:

  • Check and control user status (USER STATUS)
  • Add, update, and delete user signon characteristics (SIGNON DEFAULTS)
  • Activate and deactivate the IBM Connect:Direct DTF-to-CICS Interface (INTERFACE)
  • Monitor and control node status (NODE STATUS)
  • Monitor and control the work queue (WORK QUEUE)
  • Modify the global control parameters (CONTROL RECORD)
  • Add, delete or modify any DTF node parameters (DTF NODE RECORDS)
  • Add, delete or modify any network node configurations (NETWORK NODE RECORDS)