Local Initialization Parameters

Local initialization parameters are only used in a IBM® Connect:Direct®/Plex environment. They only apply to a specific member of the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex. Each IBM Connect:Direct/Plex member must have its own local initialization parameter member with the CDPLEX.MANAGER=YES|NO parameter as the first statement in the member.

You can override any initialization parameter that is allowed in the local initialization parameters member by using the PARM= keyword in the EXEC statement. Local parameters override any global parameter setting; however, the global setting is used if a local parameter is not specified. Some parameters do not apply to all members of the CDPLEX. For example, MAXPROCESS, MAXSECONDARY, and MAXPRIMARY set no process limit for the CDPLEX manager. Likewise, MAXUSER has no purpose for a CDPLEX server, as it does not support API sessions.

Local and Global Initialization Parameters

The following local initialization parameters are also global initialization parameters. See the description for the corresponding Global Initialization Parameter for a description of these parameters: