Global Initialization Parameters

Note: User specified program names are limited. For more information, refer to User Specified Program Limitation Feature.

Initialization parameters supply values for various IBM® Connect:Direct® functions. IBM Connect:Direct processes these parameters during initialization.

Global initialization parameters apply to a IBM Connect:Direct/Stand-alone Server or each member of a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment.

In a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment, the local initialization parameters of a member can override some global initialization parameters. See Local Initialization Parameters for more information about local initialization parameters.

In all cases, initialization parameters are kept in a PDS (Partitioned Data Set) and may not come from a sequential file.

Note: In a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment, you can only override initialization parameters allowed in the local initialization parameters file using the PARM= keyword in the EXEC statement at system startup. In a IBM Connect:Direct/Stand-alone Server environment, however, you can override global initialization parameters with the PARM= keyword in the EXEC statement.

Handling Return Codes

If you receive a return code of 4 when you stop IBM Connect:Direct, review the NDMLOG for information regarding obsolete and soon-to-be obsolete parameters. Once you remove these parameters, you avoid these warning messages at start-up. These messages are numbered: SITA995I, SITA988I, and SITA989I.