Connect:Direct for UNIX Overview

IBM® Connect:Direct® for UNIX links technologies and moves all types of information between networked systems and computers. It manages high-performance transfers by providing such features as automation, reliability, efficient use of resources, application integration, and ease of use. Connect:Direct for UNIX offers choices in communications protocols, hardware platforms, and operating systems. It provides the flexibility to move information among mainframe systems, midrange systems, desktop systems, and LAN-based workstations.

Connect:Direct for UNIX is based on client-server architecture. The Connect:Direct for UNIX server components interact with the user interfaces (API, CLI, Sterling Connect:Direct Browser User Interface, and IBM Control Center) to enable you to submit, execute, and monitor Connect:Direct for UNIX statements and commands.

Note: The connections between some clients and a Connect:Direct Server are unsecure. Passwords sent by one of these clients to a C:D Server are obfuscated, but the session is not encrypted. The clients are: UNIX CLI or any user-written UNIX ndampi client, the CD Requester, the Windows CLI, any user-written Windows SDK client and FileAgent.