Sample Tapemount Exit

IBM® Connect:Direct® provides the following sample tapemount exit in the $CD.SDGASAMP.

Exits Description
DGAXTAPX This exit interfaces with the StorageTek Tape Silo via SLA macro calls. You can modify this member to work with other vendors' Tape Silo products.

You can use the sample JCL, DGAXATAP located in $CD.SDGASAMP, to assemble and link-edit the exit.

Observe the following restrictions and requirements:

  • The name of the tapemount exit load module is user-defined, but it must not conflict with any other IBM Connect:Direct load module names.
  • Because the control blocks provided by IBM Connect:Direct that the exit must access are located in storage requiring 31-bit addressability, you must link-edit the module with AMODE ANY to make it capable of executing in 31-bit mode.
  • To activate the exit, specify TAPEMOUNT.EXIT = modname in the IBM Connect:Direct initialization parameters file. You must link-edit the tapemount exit as re-entrant and place in a load library that the IBM Connect:Direct DTF can access.

The TAPEMOUNT.EXIT parameters are:

Parameter Explanation
NOVOLS Used to define the return code if all volumes for a tape mount request are not in the silo. Code with a value of 00, 04, or 08.
VIRTVOL Tell the exit how to treat a virtual tape VOLSER. Code with a value of OKAY or ERROR.
TEST Used to supply diagnostic test messages to a DD statement named to match the assembled program name. Code with a value of YES or NO.
UID Optional local identifier which appears in NDMLOG output with the PTF maintenance listing.