Example: Passing the UNIX Pathname for a Detected File to a Process

Because Connect:Direct® File Agent can watch multiple directories for the appearance of a new file, the IBM® Connect:Direct Process that Connect:Direct File Agent is to submit to the server at the appearance of a new file might need to reference the Microsoft Windows Path or UNIX pathname for the detected file as part of commands and statements in the Process.

In the following example, a UNIX pathname is passed to the default Process, copynewfile.cdp.

Tab Dialog box, Window, or Field Sample Entry
File agent Watched directories Type one UNIX pathname per line for each location Connect:Direct File Agent is to watch for the appearance of files:




Connect:Direct File Agent checks these pathnames for new files.

  Default process Type the UNIX pathname and filename for the IBM Connect:Direct Process that Connect:Direct File Agent is to run when a file appears in any watched directory specified:


The pathname where Connect:Direct File Agent detected a new file is passed to this Process.

  Default arguments Type the Connect:Direct File Agent variable for passing a UNIX pathname or Microsoft Windows path, including the leading percent sign (%) and the ending period (.):


In this example, &FAP is the variable to which Connect:Direct File Agent will pass the UNIX pathname where the file was detected. %FA_PATH_FOUND. is the IBM Connect:Direct File Agent variable used to indicate the information to pass to the IBM Connect:Direct Process.