Viewing the Statistics Archive Directory through the IUI Interface

To issue the INQUIRE STATDIR command in the IBM® Connect:Direct® IUI, perform the following steps.

  1. Select option INQ from the Connect:Direct Administrative Options Menu to display the statistics facility. The Inquire DTF Internal Status screen is displayed.
  2. Type IDIR and press ENTER to display the directory. A sample of the screen follows.               INQUIRE STATISTICS ARCHIVE DIRECTORY
    CMD ==>                                                        
              START DATE    ==> ________     (Gregorian or Julian)
              START TIME    ==> __________   (HH:MM:SSXM)
  3. Supply the beginning date and time to limit the display for the INQUIRE STATDIR command. A report showing the results of the inquiry is displayed. The following figure shows a partial sample report.
    ======================================================================         *INQUIRE STATDIR*  DATE:  mm/dd/yyyy  TIME: hh:mm:ss
    Archival DSN:            USER01.STT.DGAPSTAT.G0008V00
    Archival Notification:   03/02/1998  98.061  00:01:28
    Oldest Record:           03/01/1998  98.060  00:00:06
    Newest Record:           03/01/1998  98.060  23:59:54
    Archival DSN:            USER01.STT.DGAPSTAT.G0009V00
    Archival Notification:   03/03/1998  98.062  00:01:35
    Oldest Record:           03/02/1998  98.061  00:00:11
    Newest Record:           03/02/1998  98.061  23:59:45