Establishing a Secure Connection between IBM Connect:Direct and IBM Connect:Direct Web Service

To establish a secure connection between IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service and a IBM Connect:Direct server, make sure that you have added a IBM Connect:Direct certificate to the Web Services Truststore.

IBM Connect:Direct Web Service Key Store/Truststore supports base64-encoded ASCII certificates. It does not support binary-encoded X.509 certificates.


Obtain a IBM Connect:Direct Certificate and follow the steps given below to add it to Web Service's Truststore.

  1. Navigate to the following directory:
     % CDWS_Installation_Directory/jre/bin
  2. Issue the following command and press ENTER:
    ./ikeycmd -cert -import -db <CD_Keystore> -target <CDWS_Keystore> -target_pw 
    <CDWS_KeystorePassword> -label <label of CD certificate> -pw <CD_KeystorePassword>
    ikeycmd -cert -import -db <CD_Keystore> -target <CDWS_Keystore> -target_pw 
    <CDWS_KeystorePassword> -label <label of CD certificate> -pw <CD_KeystorePassword>
    Note: Provide complete path of <CD_Keystore> and <CDWS_Keystore> if the Keystore is not present under the current folder.