Migrating IBM Connect:Direct for Unix using a Docker Container

Before you migrate you must ensure certain prerequisites are in place. For more information see, Prerequisites to Deploy Connect:Direct® for UNIX using a Docker container. Follow the steps below to migrate Connect:Direct for Unix installed in conventional mode to container:
  1. A file must be created in a work directory before taking backup. The file can be created by invoking the following command:
    <path to cdunix install directory>/etc/cdver > <path to cdunix install directory>/work/saved_cdunix_version
  2. Create a backup of configuration data and other information such as stats and TCQ, present in installed path of Connect:Direct instance. The backup of the following directories will be needed:
    • work
    • security
    • cfg
    • secure+
  3. Copy the backup of the directories taken in Step 2 to the mount path which will be used for deploying Connect:Direct for Unix in container.
  4. After verifying the prerequisites mentioned at the beginning. Go to Deploying IBM Connect:Direct for UNIX using a Docker container section for deploying Connect:Direct for Unix in container.
  5. Note: The nodename of Connect:Direct for Unix running on traditional system should be same for migration inside container.
  6. Update various values in initparm.cfg and netmap.cfg for the Connect:Direct installation path, hostname/IP and port numbers. The installation path is /opt/cdunix/, hostname would be hostname of the system where container is being deployed and client port is 1363 and server port is 1364.