Using Browser Interface to validate RESTful APIs


Follow the procedure below to access the Web Services RESTful APIs via. a browser interface.

  • IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service automatically generates RESTful API documentation during API creation.
  • RESTful API documentation lists all RESTful API resources and operations that can be called on those resources.

1. Click the URL https://<CDWS_IPAddress:Port>/cdws-doc/signOn.html.

2. The page prompts for the following details:
  • IP/Hostname: Enter the Connect:Direct Server IP address
  • Port: Enter the Connect:Direct Server Port
  • UserID: Enter the User ID used to connect to the Connect:Direct Server
  • Password: Enter the Password to connect to the Connect:Direct Server
  • Protocol: Enter the connection protocol method. Possible values could be TCPIP, SSL, TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2.

3. Click Sign In.