IBM Connect:Direct User Interfaces

The following user interfaces serve as clients to IBM® Connect:Direct® servers:

  • Control Center provides a system-wide view of your IBM Connect:Direct servers that enables you to monitor and manage your resources from a central location, including the capability of managing your IBM Connect:Direct server configurations.
  • Connect:Direct Browser User Interface allows you to create, submit, and monitor IBM Connect:Direct Processes from an Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You can also perform IBM Connect:Direct system administration tasks, such as viewing and changing the network map or initialization parameters (with the appropriate authority level). The specific administration tasks that you can perform depend on the IBM Connect:Direct platform that your browser is signed on to and your security level.

    Connect:Direct Browser User Interface can be used as a client for Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, z/OS®, and HP NonStop servers.

  • Command Line Interface allows you to issue IBM Connect:Direct commands and monitor IBM Connect:Direct Processes. CLIs are available in Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, HP NonStop, and OpenVMS.
  • Some platforms contain panel-driven user interfaces, such as the Connect:Direct for z/OS ISPF Interactive User Interface.
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) in IBM Connect:Direct enable customers to tie-in their applications to IBM Connect:Direct.