Migrating CICS from Prior Releases

CICS uses different program names, map names, and transaction IDs. Refer to Activate the CICS Component in IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® CICS Administration and User Guide before continuing.

To use the current CONFIG file contents:

  1. Shut down the IBM Connect:Direct interface in the CICS region.
  2. To close the CONFIG file so that the buffers are committed and written, issue CICS commands, for example, CEMT SET FILE(CONFIG) CLOSE.
  3. Using IDCAMS, perform a REPRO of the CONFIG file to a new CONFIG file.
  4. To reactive CICS, restart the API interface.
  5. In a different CICS system, once the RDO updates have been applied and the Connect:Direct for z/OS Version 5.1 CICS modules loaded, run the Administrator transaction (DGAA) and go to the Configuration screen.

    Go to the Control Record screen to set the Transaction codes to reflect the changes made to the RDO source $CD.SDGACNTL(DGACCSD).

    Enter the CDA transaction and start the interface.

  6. Complete the CICS panels following the instructions in the procedure Build the CICS Configuration File through ISPF in IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS CICS Administration and User Guide.