Automatic Session Retry

The network map remote node object has short-term and long-term connection retry parameters. If no value is specified for these parameters, the default values are taken from the initialization parameters file.

Short-term parameters allow a quick succession of retry attempts in the event of a short-term connection failure. Long-term parameters are used after the number of short-term attempts you specify has been reached. The assumption is that the connection problem cannot be fixed quickly; therefore, Connect:Direct® can retry infrequently to save the overhead of connection retry attempts.

If a session error occurs, the Process moves to the Timer queue in retry (RE) status and short-term and long-term wait times begin. After short-term and long-term wait times expire, the Process is moved to the Hold queue.

The tcq.max.age initialization parameter specifies the maximum number of days a Process with a Held due to Error (HE) status remains in the TCQ before it is automatically deleted.