Viewing Summary Information

You can use the SELECT PROCESS - OPERATOR TABLE screen to view summary information about Processes pending or executing, including name, number, sending and receiving nodes, queue type and status, and last message received.

  1. To access the SELECT PROCESS - OPERATOR TABLE screen, access the SELECT PROCESS screeen, fill in the entry fields to specify the Processes, and type O (alphabetic, not zero) and press Enter.

    Following is an example of the SELECT PROCESS - OPERATOR TABLE screen.

                             SELECT PROCESS - OPERATOR TABLE               11:02:05
     Cmd ProcName ProcNum Submitter Node   Secondary Node   QType  QStat  Last Msgid
     --- -------- ------- ---------------- ---------------- -----  -----  ----------
      _  COPYNC   202     OS390.NODE         MVS.NODE        TIMER   WC
      _  COPYJC   203     OS390.NODE         MVS.NODE        TIMER   WC
     Line commands:   M Last Msgid   S Select process detail
     PF keys:  1 Help   2 Msg   3 Exit   4 Menu   6 Id                 Enter Refresh

    The following table describes the fields on the SELECT PROCESS - OPERATOR TABLE screen:

    Field Description
    PAGE XXXX OF YYYY This 17-character field contains the current page number XXXX out of YYYY total pages of SELECT PROCESS -- OPERATOR TABLE data.
    ProcName This 9-character field contains the Process name.
    ProcNum This 6-character field contains the Process number.
    Submitter Node This 16-character field contains the node name of the primary node.
    Secondary Node This 16-character field contains the node name of the secondary node.
    QType This 5-character field contains the type of queue:
    • EXEC - Process is currently executing
    • HOLD - Process is held
    • WAIT - Process is waiting for execution
    • TIMER - Process is to execute at a given time
    QStat This 2-character field contains the current status of the queue:
    • EX - currently executing
    • HC - is held for call
    • HE - held in error
    • HI - held initially
    • HO - held by the operator
    • HP - an error occurred during initiation of Process execution
    • HR - submitted with RETAIN=YES
    • HS - is held for suspension
    • RA - is held for restart allocation error
    • RH - is held for restart
    • RS - is being restarted
    • WA - is awaiting acknowledgement
    • WC - is awaiting connection
    • WP – is waiting on PARSESS (Parallel Session) availability.
    • WR - is awaiting restart
    • WS - is awaiting the designated start time
    • WT - is awaiting transport protocol
    • WX - is awaiting an eligible IBM® Connect:Direct®/Server
    Last Msgid This 8-character field contains the designation of the last message received for Connect:Direct for z/OS® operations.
  2. Take one of the following actions in the Cmd column next to the ProcName:
    • To display the text of the last message received for this Process, type M and press Enter.
    • To display the SELECT PROCESS -- PROCESS DETAIL screen, type S and press Enter.