Creating a Run Task Statement

The Run Task statement calls external programs to run on a IBM® Connect:Direct® node. The Process waits until the external program completes before continuing. When the external program completes, the Run Task returns a completion code that indicates program success. This completion code can be used by subsequent Process conditional statements (see Creating Conditional Statements).

You can pass parameters to the external program as Run Task statement SYSOPTS.

The following are items to remember when writing programs called by Run Task statements:

  • Do not specify programs in the Run Task statement that require user intervention.
  • Do not use a completion code of 16 in the external program, or the Process will fail.
  1. From the Process Builder Summary page, select Run Task and to display the Process Builder Run Task Statement page.
  2. Type a label for the Run Task step.
  3. Select whether the Run Task is submitted from the PNODE or on the SNODE.
  4. Type the full path to the external program. If the program is on the PNODE, you can click to browse to it.
  5. Type the System Operations (SYSOPTS) or any optional parameters to pass to the program.
  6. Click to return to the Process Builder Summary page.