Build IBM Connect:Direct Processes With the Process Builder

The Process Builder is a graphical interface within the Connect:Direct® Browser User Interface that enables you to build, modify, and save Processes. The Process Builder handles IBM® Connect:Direct Process syntax rules automatically, such as inserting quotes in SYSOPTS statements. The Process Builder eliminates the typographical mistakes made when creating Processes with a text editor. You can also validate Process syntax and submit completed Processes from the Process Builder.

Note: The maximum size allowed for a Process is 1 MB.

The following is the Process Builder home page:

The following table explains the icons on the Process Builder Summary page:

Button Description
Displays the Process Builder Process Statement Main Options page to create a new Process.
Imports the specified Process into the Process Builder.
Displays a data entry page for the statement type specified in the list box.
Switches from a graphical view of the Process to a text view.
Saves the Process in text format in a specified location.
Sends the Process to the IBM Connect:Direct server for Process syntax validation.
Submits the Process to a IBM Connect:Direct server.
Adds a new Process statement using the parameters from the current statement.
Edits the statement.
Deletes the statement.
Moves the statement down in the Process.
Indicates that the Process statement contains invalid syntax.

Building a Process with the Process Builder consist of the following tasks:

  • Signing on to the Connect:Direct Browser User Interface
  • Creating a Process statement
  • Adding statements for the tasks you want to accomplish
  • Validating the Process
  • Executing the Process