Installing on AIX

Connect:Direct Web Services on AIX requires the following system libraries to be installed:
  • libatomic.a
  • libgcc_s.a

Make sure you add firewall rules for inbound and outbound connections between Web Services and Connect Direct Server. Firewall rules must allow inbound connections to the specified Web Services port. Connect Direct server must also have its API port open for web service.

Make sure you also add firewall rules for inbound and outbound connections between Web Services and PostgreSQL database.

Note: Ensure that you install using Root Privilege.
Attention: For Connect:Direct Web Services v6.0.0.5 and above to run with PostgreSQL on AIX platforms, users must create a dedicated PostgreSQL database instance and then configure Connect:Direct Web Services to use it while it is being installed.

If for some reason the database is corrupted, or you lose the database password, follow the instructions described here PostgreSQL database Password management.

Follow the procedure given below to prepare and complete installation on AIX.

  1. Download the appropriate libgcc RPM from
    1. For AIX 7.1, download the following RPM:
    2. For AIX 7.2, download the following RPM:
  2. When the libgcc RPM is installed, copy the libatomic.a and libgcc_s.a libraries to /usr/lib directory.
    1. For AIX 7.1 copy from
    2. For AIX 7.2 copy from
  3. If you have downloaded the Web Services for AIX installation software from Fix Central or Passport Advantage go to the download folder.
  4. Untar the installer .tar.gz file.
    % tar -zxvf IBM_CDWebServices_<$version>_AIX_x86.tar.gz
    Note: $VERSION refers to the IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service version number.
  5. To continue installing follow the steps described in Installing on UNIX.