Create and Copy a VSAM KSDS Data Set (z/OS to z/OS)

This COPY statement transmits a VSAM KSDS file to a new VSAM KSDS at another site. The KEYLEN parameter is used to specify the length of the key for the data set. The RECORG parameter specifies that the output VSAM data set is a KSDS. The LRECL parameter specifies the maximum length of a record in the VSAM data set. The KEYOFF parameter specifies the offset to the key within each record. Note that the offset is relative to 0.

      TO    (DSN=VSAM.KSDS.DEST     -
             DISP=(NEW,CATLG)       -
             RECORG=KS              -
             KEYLEN=16              -
             KEYOFF=20              -
             LRECL=256              -
             STORCLAS=SCLASS1       -