Copy a Sequential File from z/OS to a Member of a Physical Data Base File on an i5/OS Node

This Process copies a sequential file from z/OS to a member of a physical data base file on the i5/OS node. The RUN TASK then sends a message notifying an i5/OS user that the Process completed.

All SYSOPTS keyword values must be enclosed in parentheses, and the entire SYSOPTS string must be enclosed in double quotation marks. IBM® Connect:Direct® syntax requires backslashes to continue the SYSOPTS over multiple lines when the Process is submitted from a z/OS node. Bracketing backslashes allow for continuation of quotation marks when they begin and end on different lines.

Specifying COMPRESS without a subparameter indicates that blanks are compressed during transmission and converted back to the original string during decompression. The default for the COMPRESS parameter is PRIMEchar=X’40’.

PROC#01  PROCESS  SNODE=OS400.CDI1                            -
                  PNODE=SC.OS390.CD5A                         -
                  PRTY=8                                      -
                  NOTIFY=%USER                                -
                  CLASS=4                                     -
STEP001  COPY  FROM  (PNODE                                   -
                      DSN=CD.OS400.SEQFILE1                   -
                      DISP=SHR)                               -
                      COMPRESS                                -
               TO    (SNODE                                   -
                      DSN=’CD/OS400(TEST01)’                  -
                      SYSOPTS=\"TYPE(MBR)\                    -
                      \TEXT(’CREATED BY PROC#001’)\           -
                      \RCDLEN(133)"\                          -
STEP002  RUN TASK    (PGM = OS400) SNODE                      -
                      SYSOPTS=\"\                             -
                      \CMD(\                                  -
                      \SNDBRKMSG\                             -
                      \MSG(’PROCESS PROC#01 HAS COMPLETED’)\  -
                      \TOMSGQ(DSP07)\                         -
                      \   )\                                  -