Copy a Member of a Physical Data Base File from i5/OS to a Sequential File on z/OS

This Process copies a member of a physical data base file from the i5/OS node to a sequential file on z/OS. DCB information is specified for file allocation on z/OS. The SYSOPTS keyword value is enclosed in parentheses, and the SYSOPTS string is enclosed in double quotation marks. Specifying COMPRESS EXT indicates that repetitive strings in the data will be compressed and converted to the original string during decompression.

PROC#001  PROCESS    SNODE=OS400.CDI1                        -
                     PNODE=SC.OS390.CD5A                     -
                     PRTY=8                                  -
                     NOTIFY=%USER                            -
                     CLASS=4                                 -
                     HOLD=NO                                 -
STEP001   COPY FROM (SNODE                                   -
                     DSN=’ABC/OS400(TEST01)’                 -
                     SYSOPTS="TYPE(MBR)"                     -
                     DISP=SHR)                               -
                     COMPRESS EXT                            -
          TO        (PNODE                                   -
                     DSN=ABC.OS400.SEQFILE9                  -
                     DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=133,BLKSIZE=23408)  -