Copy a File from z/OS to Microsoft Windows

This Process copies a file from a z/OS node to a Microsoft Windows node. The DSN (data set name) for the Microsoft Windows file uses the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) to specify the computer name \WIN-NODE and the share name \ROOT_D. This can be used as an alternative to specifying a drive letter such as C:\, and must be used when copying a file to a remote computer where the IBM® Connect:Direct® server is not running. The Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows node, WIN.1200.TCP, must have access to the share, \ROOT_D, for the copy operation to succeed. The SYSOPTS parameter DATATYPE(TEXT) indicates that the data contains text (rather than binary data) and EBCDIC to ASCII translation will be performed.

TONT1  PROCESS      SNODE=WIN.1200.TCP                           -
                    HOLD=NO                                      -
STEP1  COPY  FROM  (DSN=TEST.DEL.DATA99)                         -
             TO    (DSN=’\WIN-NODE\ROOT_D\USERS\TEST1\DATA1.TXT’ -
                    SYSOPTS="DATATYPE(TEXT)"                     -

The following Process is a variation on the previous example. In this example, the data set names (DSN) are defined as symbolic variables in the COPY statement (&DSN1 and &DSN2), and are resolved at the time the process is submitted. This process also uses the STARTT parameter to specify a day of the week and time when the process will execute, and the RETAIN=YES parameter to indicate that the Process should stay in the TCQ and execute again at the next scheduled start time (STARTT). This Process will execute automatically each Monday at 3:00 a.m.

TONT1  PROCESS      SNODE=WIN.1200.TCP                             -
                    HOLD=NO                                        -
                    RETAIN=YES                                     -
                    STARTT=(MONDAY,03:00)                          -
                    &DSN1=’TEST.DEL.TEST99’                        -
STEP1  COPY  FROM  (DSN=&DSN1)                                     -
             TO    (DSN=&DSN2                                      -
                    SYSOPTS="DATATYPE(TEXT)"                       -