Remote Node Security Feature Definition Worksheet

Make a copy of this worksheet for each remote node defined in the IBM Connect:Direct® parameters file that you are configuring for IBM Connect:Direct operations. Record the security feature definitions for a remote node record on this worksheet.
Remote Node Name: _____________________________
Security Options
Protocol defined in the .Local node record: TLS or SSL _______
Is the remote node using the protocol defined in the .Local node record? Yes _______ No _______
If you answered No to the question above, identify the protocol to use for the Remote Node:
Note: If you do not enable the override option, IBM Connect:Direct generates an error message.
Enable TLS protocol: Yes _______ No _______  
Enable SSL protocol: Yes _______ No _______  
If you want to use the same protocol defined in the local node, select Default to Local Node.
Enable Override: Yes _______ No _______  
Note: The COPY statement cannot override settings in SSL-enabled or TLS-enabled remote nodes.
Authorization Timeout: _________________    
TLS or SSL Protocol Functions
Trusted Root Certificate File location: _____________________________________
Certificate File: _____________________________________
Certificate Passphrase: _____________________________________
Cipher Suite(s) Enabled: ___________________________________________________________
Enable Client Authentication: Yes _______ No _______ Default to local node _____
Certificate Common Name: _____________________________________
Note: If you want to add a second level of security, enable client authentication for the remote node and type the certificate common name.
External Authentication      
Enable External Authentication Yes _______ No _______ Default to local node _____
Certificate Validation Definition ___________________________________________________________
Enable FIPS 140-2 mode Yes _______ No _______