Tools to Help You Manage Processes

IBM® Connect:Direct® provides tools to allow you to manage Processes. These tools include:

  • Process Monitor—Use this tool to view Processes in the Transmission Control Queue (TCQ), release held Processes, change the status of a Process, and delete a Process.
  • Process Notification Utility—Use this utility to change the notification method you defined when you installed IBM Connect:Direct to notify users of Process execution.
  • Message Lookup—If you need to troubleshoot the meaning of an error message, use this utility to view more explanation about an error message.
  • SNMP—If you want to use SNMP to capture messages, you can identify which messages you want to include and determine if messages are trapped or logged to the event log.
  • CRC checking—A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) determines whether the data that IBM Connect:Direct receives over the network has been altered in transmission or not. To ensure data integrity during the transmission, a CRC is generated for the entire buffer, including the header. CRC checking works by calculating a short, fixed-length binary sequence for each block of data and sending/storing them together. When a block is read or received, the calculation is repeated. If the new CRC does not match the one calculated earlier, IBM Connect:Direct stops the Process execution and restarts the Process from the last checkpoint record. CRC checking can only be performed for TCP/IP Processes and cannot be enabled when running Connect:Direct Secure Plus, because data integrity is a native part of Connect:Direct Secure Plus.
  • CLI—The command line interface (CLI) provides commands to access queues and manage Processes. These commands enable you to control Process execution, view Process status and results, and affect the IBM Connect:Direct server. Issue these commands through or in a native command text format through the Applications Programming Interface (API).
  • Connect:Direct Browser User Interface—Connect:Direct Browser User Interface allows you to build, submit, and monitor IBM Connect:Direct Processes from an Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can also perform IBM Connect:Direct system administration tasks, such as viewing and changing the network map or initialization parameters, from Connect:Direct Browser User Interface. The specific administration tasks that you can perform depend on the IBM Connect:Direct platform that your browser is signed on to and your security level.
  • —Connect:Direct File Agent is a feature of IBM Connect:Direct that provides unattended file management. Connect:Direct File Agent monitors watched directories to detect new files. When Connect:Direct File Agent detects a new file, it either submits a default Process or evaluates the file using rules to override the default Process and to determine which Process to submit. You create rules to submit different Processes based on the following properties:
    • Specific or partial file names
    • File size
    • System events