Print a Managed Disk Data Set (VSE)

Use this Process to print the contents of a CA-DYNAM/D or CA-EPIC managed disk data set. The output will become a LST queue member under the name of &JBNAME. The disk data set has already been defined to the appropriate system catalog.

DYD2LST1 PROC  SNODE=SC.VSE.NODE                                                -
               PNODE=SC.VSE.NODE                                                -
               &JBNAME=GGGDYD00                                                 -
               &JBNUMB=0000                                                     -
STEP0001 COPY  FROM ( PNODE                                                     -
                    DSN=&VSEDSN                                                 -
                    DISP=SHR                                                    -
                    UNIT=DLBLONLY                                               -
                    DCB=(RECFM=FBM,LRECL=133,BLKSIZE=1330)                      -
                    )                                                           -
               TO   ( SNODE                                                     -
                    DSN=&JBNAME..&JBNUMB                                        -
                    LST=(                                                       -
                      CC=M                                                      -
                      CLASS=Q                                                   -
                      COPIES=2                                                  -
                      DISP=L)                                                   -

The previous Process runs on the same IBM® Connect:Direct® node using PNODE=SNODE processing and uses symbolic values. You must specify the input DCB parameter (RECFM, LRECL); this information will be copied to the output data set.