Copy a Managed Disk Data Set to Another Managed Data Set (VSE)

Use this Process to copy either a CA-DYNAM/D or CA-EPIC managed disk data set into another DYNAM/D or EPIC managed data set and reblock the output data set. The disk data set has already been defined to the appropriate system catalog.

DYD2DYD1 PROC  PNODE=SC.VSE.NODE                                               -
               SNODE=SC.VSE.NODE                                               -
STEP0001 COPY  FROM ( PNODE                                                    -
                    DSN=USER01.TEST.GDGCOPY1                                   -
                    DISP=(SHR)                                                 -
                    UNIT=DLBLONLY                                              -
                    DCB=(DSORG=PS,RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=16000)             -
                    )                                                          -
               TO   ( SNODE                                                    -
                    DSN=&VSEDSN                                                -
                    UNIT=DLBLONLY                                              -
                    DCB=(DSORG=PS,RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=27920)             -
STEP0002 IF    (STEP0001 EQ 0) THEN
                    RUN TASK (PGM=DMNOTIFY,                                    -
                        PARM=(’GOOD’,&VSEDSN))                                 -
                    RUN TASK (PGM=DMNOTIFY,                                    -
                        PARM=(’FAIL’,&VSEDSN))                                 -