Resolve Symbolics Within DMRTDYN in a RUN TASK Environment (VM)

This example illustrates the structure of a IBM® Connect:Direct® Process that passes a parameter with single quotation marks in a DMRTDYN environment. Backslashes allow the resolution of the symbolic that must be entered between single quotation marks.

                   SYMBOL        &VMFILE=\xd5 MTT\   &XXX   \ FILETYPE’\
LOCATE1  RUN TASK (PGM=DMRTDYN                                             -
                   PARM=(C’ALLOC ’,                                        -
                         C’ DSN=’    \&VMFILE\    \xd5 ’,\                 -
                         C’ DISP=(SHR) LINK=(IVVB,WIVVB,RR,191)’,          -
                         C’ DD=F1’)) PNODE
LOCATE3  RUN TASK (PGM=DMRTDYN                                             -
                   PARM=(C’UNALLOC ’                                       -
                         C’ DD=F1’)) PNODE