Copy a DBCS File from VMESA to Microsoft Windows Using the EBCXKSC Translation Table

The following host-to-PC DBCS translation uses the supplied translation table EBCXKSC. This example COPY statement copies a data set from a host Connect:Direct® for VM/ESA to a PC node.

/*           HOST to PC DBCS translation using table EBCXKSC      */
STEP01    COPY                                 -
                FROM  (PNODE                   -
                       DSN='hlq.HOSTFILE'      -
                       SYSOPTS="DBCS=EBCXKSC"  -
                       DISP=(SHR)              -
                      )                        -
                TO    (SNODE                   -
                       DSN=PCFILE              -
                       DISP=RPL                -
  • The copy step is named STEP01.
  • The SYSOPTS attribute is specified in the FROM clause of the COPY statement is used to define the default translation table EBCXKSC.