Upgrading Web Services on UNIX

To upgrade the IBM Connect:Direct Web Services from command line on UNIX follow the steps given below.

Log on to the UNIX system and ensure that you have executable privileges required to upgrade the software. You can create an account specifically for this purpose.
Note: Ensure that you login to the same functional account to upgrade and install Connect:Direct Web Services. The screen shots given below are examples and not definitive of what you see on your screen.

On upgrading installer with different user getting error message

  1. Untar the installer .tar.gz file.
    % tar -zxvf IBM_CDWebServices_$CurrentVersion_Linux_x64.tar.gz
    Note: $VERSION refers to the IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service version number.
    The following files are extracted:
  2. Confirm that you have sufficient privileges to run the following script file.
    % ./MFTWebservicesInstall.sh
    Note: If you do not have sufficient privileges, use chmod a+x to execute the script.
  3. The installation menu appears. Enter the instance option serial number to upgrade and press ENTER to confirm.

    Specify the instance that you want to upgrade.

    1. $HOME/MFTWebServices

    Enter 1 for first instance, 2 for second instance, and so on:


    MFTWebServices (created with InstallAnywhere)


    Preparing CONSOLE Mode Installation...


    Please Wait




  4. Read the upgrade guideline screen displayed and press ENTER to continue.
    Upgrade Guidelines


    Welcome to the upgradation wizard for MFTWebServices.

    This wizard is going to guide you through the upgradation of


    You are strongly recommended to quit all programs before continuing with this


    Respond to each prompt to proceed to the next step in the upgrade.

    Licensed Materials - Property of IBM Corp. © IBM Corporation and other(s).



  5. The Upgrade Notice displays. Read the Upgrade Notice and press ENTER to continue.
    Upgrade Notice


    The existing installation of MFTWebServices in

    $HOME/MFTWebServices is going to be upgraded.

    The existing library files will be uninstalled, but all configuration data

    such as properties file, keystore, truststore and configuration files will be


    Before you proceed with the upgrade, backup your existing configuration data.

    During MFTWebServices upgrade , the installer is going to attempt to backup

    your existing configuration data.

    Note: During Upgrade the user will not be able to login or perform any

    operation on MFTWebServices.

    Do not 'quit' before Upgrade process is completed.


  6. Configuration data backup begins.


    Backup of Configuration data


    Configuration data backup is successful


  7. User is one step away from Upgrade. The pre-upgrade summary is displayed.
    Press ENTER to continue.


    Pre-Upgrade Summary


    Review the following information before you continue the upgrade:

    Product Name:


    Install Folder:


    Install Set:


    Base Upgrade Version

    Product will be upgraded to


    Disk Space Information (for Installation Target):

    Required: 345 MegaBytes

    Available: 4,634.47 MegaBytes


  8. Old version of the IBM Connect:Direct Web Service is removed before the new version is installed.

    Please Wait


    Uninstalling older installation : ConnectDirectWebServices-


  9. Upgrade to a new version is complete. The following output is displayed:
    Upgrade Complete


    ConnectDirectWebServices- has been successfully upgraded to

    ConnectDirectWebServices-6.0.0.x and located at: