The NETMAP_NODE_STRUCT structure contains the Netmap node information. Use this structure to retrieve and set the Netmap node information.


 struct Netmap_Node_Struct 
     BOOL bDetail; 
     int LongTermRetry; 
     long lLongTermWait; 
     int ShortTermRetry; 
     long lShortTermWait; 
     int MaxPNode; 
     int MaxSNode; 
     int DefaultClass; 
     int RemoteOSType; 
     TCHAR TcpModeName[MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1]; 
     TCHAR TcpAddress[MAX_TCP_ADDRESS+1]; 
     TCHAR SnaModeName[MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1]; 
     TCHAR SnaNetName[MAX_NET_NAME+1]; 
     TCHAR SnaPartnerName[MAX_PARTNER_NAME+1]; 
     TCHAR SnaTPName[MAX_TPNAME+1]; 
 typedef struct Netmap_Node_Struct NETMAP_NODE_STRUCT;


Member Description
Name [MAX_OBJECT_NAME_LEN+1] The node name.
bDetail Specifies detail-included flag.
LongTermRetry Long-term retry interval.
lLongTermWait Long-term wait interval.
ShortTermRetry Short-term retry interval.
lShortTermWait Short-term wait interval.
MaxPNode The maximum number of local nodes.
MaxSNode The maximum number of remote nodes.
DefaultClass The default class.
RemoteOSType Remote node operating system type.
TcpModeName [MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1] The TCP/IP communications mode name.
TcpAddress [MAX_TCP_ADDRESS+1] The node's TCP/IP address.
SnaModeName [MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1] The SNA communications mode name.
SnaNetName [MAX_NET_NAME+1] The SNA net name.
SnaPartnerName [MAX_PARTNER_NAME+1] SNA partner name.
SnaTPName [MAX_TPNAME+1] The TP name.