Issuing the MODIFY Command through the IUI

To use the MODIFY command features through the IUI:

  1. Request option MD from the Connect:Direct Administrative Options Menu to access the MODIFY COMMAND screen.                       MODIFY COMMAND                           14:34
     CMD ==>
      Server ==> ________         00000000     (Current DEBUG Settings)
        MODIFY DEBUG          ==> ________     (nnnnnnnn)
        MODIFY BITS.ON        ==> ________     (nnnnnnnn)
        MODIFY BITS.OFF       ==> ________     (nnnnnnnn)
        MODIFY DDNAME         ==> ___________  (ddname,nn)
        MODIFY CLOSE          ==> ________     (ddname)
        MODIFY MODDIR.TRACE   ==> ___          (YES)
        MODIFY DYN ==> ____________________________________________________________
        MODIFY SESSIONS       ==> _ (Quiesce or Resume)   NODE ==> ________________
        MODIFY NODE.TRACE.ON  ==> ( ________________ ________ )
        MODIFY NODE.TRACE.OFF ==>   ________________
        MODIFY NODES          ==> ___          (YES)
        MODIFY INITPARMS      ==> ___          (YES)
        MODIFY ZIIP           ==> _________    (ALL NONE EXTCOMP SSLTLS PROJECT)
  2. Type values in the appropriate fields. See the MODIFY command parameter descriptions in IBM® Connect:Direct® MODIFY Command.
    Note: Do not type an equal sign or quotes in the MODIFY DYN field. However, if you issue the MODIFY command on the CLI, you must type an equal sign before and quotation marks around the dynamic allocation string.
  3. When you have completed your entries, press ENTER.
    Note: If you need to modify trace settings for more than one node, you can use the MODIFY NODES screen which displays the Trace and Debug settings for all of the Netmap adjacent nodes. See Modify Trace and Debug Settings Through the Modify Nodes Screen for more information.