The Timer Queue

Processes are placed in the Timer queue by a submit command with the startt parameter specified. Processes in the Wait for Start Time (WS) status are waiting for the start time to arrive before moving to the Wait queue. Processes also are placed in the Timer queue in Retry (WC) status if one of the following error conditions occur:

  • If a file allocation error occurs when a Process is executing on either the local or the remote node, and the file allocation error is identified as a condition to retry, the Process is placed in the Timer queue. The Process is then retried using the short-term and long-term retry parameter definitions. This capability enables a Process that was unable to execute because a file that it called was unavailable to be retried at a later time.
  • If a connection error occurs while a Process is executing, the intelligent session retry facility places all Processes scheduled for the node, including the executing Process, in the Timer queue. This capability eliminates the overhead required to retry each of the Processes on the node even though the connection is lost.
  • If CRC checking is activated, a Process that generates a CRC error is placed in the Timer queue.

IBM® Connect:Direct® automatically tries to execute the Process again based on the number of times to retry and the delay between retries as specified in the network map parameters.

Processes move from the Timer queue to the Wait queue. A change process command with hold=yes specified moves the specified Process from the Timer queue to the Hold queue. The following table shows the status values for the Timer queue:

Status Comment
WR This status indicates that the Process is in retry status. The number of retries and intervals between retries is specified in the network map.
WS This status indicates that the Process is waiting for the PNODE to continue the session.
HR Held Retain indicates that the Process was submitted with retain=yes or retain=initial specified and has already executed. The Process can be released later by a change process command with release specified.
WC This status indicates the Process is ready to execute as soon as possible, but no session is available. Other Processes may be executing with the SNODE, and no other sessions are available. This Process runs as soon as a new session is created or an existing session becomes available.