Comments include additional information within a IBM® Connect:Direct® Process. Comments are allowed in the following formats:

  • An asterisk (*) in column one, followed by the comment. You must use this format for statements processed by DMBATCH.
  • Preceded by a slash-asterisk (/*) and followed by an asterisk-slash (*/). This format can be used after a continuation mark as well as at the beginning of a line.
  • Preceded by a slash-asterisk (/*), continuing over multiple lines, and terminated by an asterisk-slash (*/). The terminating */ cannot begin in column one.

The following example shows every way that you can use comments.

/* This type of comment can be written on one line*/
It can also continue across multiple lines.  Remember that
the terminating asterisk-slash cannot begin in column one.
COPY      FROM (                                 -             /* INPUT */
               DSN=&DSN1                         - /* SYMBOLIC DATA SET */
* After submitting this Process,
* enable the Connect:Direct UNIX node.