SMS Propagation

You can propagate any SMS class name from the sending side to the receiving side by coding a value of $$$$$$$$ for the class name that you want to propagate. Following is an example:

STEP01     COPY     FROM( PNODE                         -
                          DSN=HLQ.SMSTEST.DS            -
                          DISP=SHR )                    -
                    TO    (DSN=HLQ.SMSTEST.TODS SNODE   -
                           UNIT=SYSDA                   -
                           STORCLAS=$$$$$$$$            -
                           MGMTCLAS=$$$$$$$$            -
                           DATACLAS=$$$$$$$$            -

When a class contains the class name value of $$$$$$$$, IBM® Connect:Direct® performs an INFO call to dynamic allocation to obtain the SMS classes associated with the sending data set. If IBM Connect:Direct returns an SMS class, this class is substituted for the $$$$$$$ value. If IBM Connect:Direct does not return an SMS class, the keyword and value are not passed to the receiving node. The propagated class name must be defined on the receiving node (if the receiving node is a z/OS) or an error occurs.