Configuring Connect:Direct for Windows for Server and Upgrade Management

Control Center Director upgrades and applies maintenance to Connect:Direct through a Connect:Direct Agent instance. Agent is included with the Connect:Direct software when it is at a required level of maintenance for Agent inclusion.

To successfully move to a Connect:Direct version that supports a Control Center Director deployment, there are a few scenarios to consider. Review the actions below in order to optimize your update experience:
  • Go to Fix Central and download the required maintenance version of Connect:Direct software.
  • Certificate-based authentication is available when you install and configure Connect:Direct Secure Plus for Windows.
    You can supply all of the information needed to configure Connect:Direct Agent instance by setting the following properties when you install Connect:Direct Secure Plus for Windows package:
    • Install Agent Application Interface Port
    • Install Agent Event Repository URL
    For the complete installation procedure see, Install Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows and Optionally Connect:Direct Secure Plus.

Alternatively, set the following parameters (initparms) to configure Connect:Direct Agent instance for Connect:Direct for Windows. For more information on how to change initialization parameters (intiparms) see, Changing Initialization Parameters.

Table 1. Initialization Parameters
Parameter (initparm) Description


Enter port details here to configure the Agent listening port that Control Center Director will use to communicate with the Agent.

Default: 1365
With the port configuration complete, Agent is now set to automatically listen for incoming connections from Control Center Director.
Attention: With multiple Connect:Direct instances on the same system you’re likely to run into port conflict issues unless you allocate a unique Agent listening port per instance.

It is also recommended that having upgraded an instance, its unique port number must be applied before upgrading the next instance. This prevents potential errors that you could encounter during an upgrade process due to port conflict.

Provide the Event Repository URL to configure the Control Center Director Open Server Architecture (OSA) URL, the target location where Agent posts all the events to Control Center Director.;//<ip/hostname;port>

The default is None.


Enables Agent to post all events to Control Center Director except when set to Y.

The default is N.